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Summer Term 2023

What we are focusing on

We are all back refreshed and with a renewed sense of energy following the Easter nursery break. This term we will be visiting our allotment regularly and linking our seed growing and planting to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Any family activites you can do to extend the children’s learning about growing things and the natural world around us would be beneficial and we love to hear the children tell us about what they do at home, as much as we hope they tell you about their nursery day.

We will be supporting our rising 5 school leavers to be confident in using the toilet (those who are not already fully toilet trained) and encouraging them to become fully independent in changing their clothes and putting on shoes and coats. Please also encouarge your children at home with these.

The butterflies are also focussing on reconising their own names and the numbers from 1- 10


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